Food and Drink Passport

Food and Drink Passport




FOOD AND DRINK PASSPORT is one of our newest tasting activities, providing an opportunity to work in teams whilst enjoying a series of food and drink tastings.


FOOD AND DRINK PASSPORT can be tailored to an audience of any size and held in any venue. We can promise you an enjoyable and informative event and everyone will taste something new and certainly learn something new. Prior knowledge or experience is not required.



Recommended for international or multi-cultural teams


FOOD AND DRINK PASSPORT is highly flexible to meet the needs of any business situation. It is especially suited to international or multi-cultural teams 


Teams can be any size and provide a valuable opportunity to bring together clients, prospects and colleagues in an informal environment.

The flexibility of the event means that any late arrivals or early leavers can be fully accommodated within the activity.


Following the welcome and briefing, teams are  issued with ‘passports’ and invited to visit a number of ‘countries’ arranged around the venue. At each country there is a food and a drink pairing from that country which needs to be identified prior to moving on to the next country. 


After all the countries have been visited and passports completed, we give the answers providing valuable learning for the audience.


FOOD AND DRINK PASSPORT is designed to run for two hours, but can be tailored to your individual business requirements.



OPTIONAL EXTRAS include welcome drinks and a Charity Champagne Challenge.