Cheesy Tales, Legends and Histories

Cheesy Tales

Award winning cheesemonger, international cheese judge and speaker, Steve is well qualified to inform, educate and entertain on the subject of cheese.

This engaging and entertaining talk will cover the history and legends behind many of the world's most famous and best loved cheeses.

Why are Camembert and Brie so similar? And why do we have a priest, a farmer's wife and an engineer to thank for the similarity?

Who milked their cows twice to avoid paying taxes?

Where did a shepherd boy discover the secret behind blue cheese?

Steve has a wealth of stories to tell and in this talk, he will reveal the secrets behind your favourite cheeses, giving you a store of tales to share at your own dinner parties.

Ideal for any time of day (including as an after-dinner talk), we can provide a cheese board for audience members to enjoy during the talk.

Recommended for audiences of any size or gender.

Duration 15 - 60 minutes.